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Final Post - Jake Heimlich

              My experience in Greece was incredible to say least. For someone who used to be very picky eater and closed to different cultures, I’ve definitely learned to branch out in recent years. Greece has been a continuation of my experience with other cultures and trying new foods. In Greece I tasted things like Musakas, Gyros, and much more. My favorite part being in Greece, however, was the beautiful scenery. Everywhere we went, whether it be city or country side, was beautiful. The best scenery in my opinion, in Greece, was outside Thessaloniki with views of mt Olympus. Mt Olympus is the highest peak in Greece and was still covered with snow when we saw it. In the ancient town of Dion, where people used to build temples and pray to the gods, there was a fantastic up close view of the mountain. On a clear day in the city of Thessaloniki you can even see the ancient peak, many kilometers away. There were plenty of other views as well, such as Greek monasteries, sky blue oceans

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